Madonna tribute show, original 80’s music & dance spectacle.


Needle And The Pain Reaction

heavy groove rock trio.



punk wave solo project.


Backline service

Driver, guitar, bass & drums tech, soundcheck experience

References: Gorki, Luc De Vos.



Preproduction concerts & tours, road management, contact press, etc.

Experience Gorki (Benelux concerts & Senegal recordings)

‘t Hof Van Commerce (South Africa tours)

Vive La Fête (Fashion show weekends Paris)

Drip Dry Man & The Beat Revolver (Spanish tours)

Needle And The Pain Reaction (Canada, UK, France & Germany tours)


Digital distribution

Kinky Star Records, supporting young alternative bands since 1997 with releases from bands & artists: 't Hof Van Commerce, Vive La Fête, Starfighter, The Whodads,.....

New releases from great Belgian bands like The Germans, Rape Blossoms, The Glücks, Massis, La Jungle,…

Kinky Star Records

Partner in digital releases is The Orchard.



Freelance promo service in alternative pop & rock media.

Bang! Records:

  • dEUS
  • Mad Dog Loose
  • X-Legged Sally

Domino Records:

  • Smog
  • Palace
  • Pavement

Touch & Go Records:

  • Blonde Redhead
  • Girls Against Boys
  • Shellac

Kinky Star Records:

  • ‘t Hof Van Commerce
  • Vive La Fête
  • Starfighter


Recording, mixing & producing

Working with studio engineer/producer Peter De Bosschere.


Drip Dry Man & The Beat Revolver - "Fuck & Forget"

Needle And The Pain Reaction - "Porcupine"

Wagonman - "Desire"